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12 Tips To Help You Overcome Your Anxiety

How To Control Panic AttacksAnxiety comes in various degrees and forms and appears to be a problem that is widespread. It affects individuals from every country and of all ages.

You have two main options if you have anxiety issues:

1. Learn how to overcome it.
2. Give in to it and just live with the problem.

If you decide to just give in, you keep feeling anxious, stressed and unhappy, and you continue to suffer. It is much better to learn ways for overcoming your anxiety, or at least to weaken the grip that it has over you.

Your time and energy is wasted by anxiety. It also weakens you, both physically and mentally. Being anxious doesn’t solve any problems or help anyone. Even if you quit being anxious and stop worrying, the world still keeps revolving.

There aren’t any good reasons for giving into anxiety. Keep in mind you have a choice always to try to overcome, or at least partially overcome, your anxiety.

12 Tips To Help You Overcome Your Anxiety

1. Your anxiety is strengthened when you don’t have control over your own thoughts. When your negative thoughts grow stronger, that’s when your anxiety becomes stronger as well. Controlling your thoughts is something you need to learn how to do.

2. Your emotions and feelings strengthen and fuel anxiety. It’s important to learn how to control your feelings better and gain some self discipline. Some form of emotional detachment is also something you need to develop.

3. Whenever you wake up or go to bed, think about all of the good things happening to you. You can always find something good that is taking place, even if it’s something insignificant and small.

4. Begin your day with doing positive affirmations for several minutes. Go over how you want your day to go. Use motivating, cheering and positive words.

5. Anxiety helps to keep your mind from thinking about your anxiety, so do something and keep busy.

Start to do something right away after you wake up. Stay busy all day long. Exercising your body, meditating, studying, reading, working in the garden, washing dishes or cleaning the house are all activities that can help you with keeping your mind off your anxiety. When you stay idle and dwell on your worries and problems, they have a tendency to not go away.

6. Set goals and everyday work on them to achieve them. When you take action, it will help to direct your feelings and thoughts away from your anxieties and worries towards something that is more constructive and positive.

7. Talk with somebody you trust about your anxiety. Discussing your feelings and anxieties can help with alleviating them and help put them into the proper perspective as long as you talk about objectively, and you really desire to reduce or completely get rid of the anxiety that you have.

8. Staying fit and exercising your body is a great way of keeping your anxieties and fears away. You can do aerobics, yoga, swim, walk or any other type of sport.

9. Find good reasons to laugh. It will bring happiness and light into your life. This will drive away your anxiety. Read something humorous, have fun with friends or watch comedies on television.

10. In your inner speaking and conversations, use positive words.

11. Visualize and affirm positive events and situations. Visualize positive and happy solutions to your problems.

12. Turn off your television if you are filled with anxiety from watching the news. Limit how much time you spend watching the news. Before going to bed, don’t watch anything potentially upsetting.

In some cases it might be easier overcoming anxiety, and in others it might be more difficult. In cases that are fairly mild, the advice we have provided you with here will probably help. However, for more serious cases it may be necessary to seek professional help in order to overcome your anxiety.

The information and tips contained in this article are not a replacement for professional advice.

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