Turning Your Storage Shed Into a Greenhouse

Gardening has always been about advancing and finding better ways to save on costs and space. There is no better way to do this than turning your storage shed into a solid greenhouse which will facilitates better use of the available space. This will allows for a single multipurpose structure for your use instead other having twin structures such as a shed and green house. Basically, you will be able to store your gardening equipment alongside your preferred plants which also saves you on time and effort during gardening applications. So, what is entailed in the transition? You always want to start with the best storage shed plans that are big enough for your planned greenhouse.

A number of steps are involved. You want to start with proper planning. Begin by partitioning a part of the shed for the gardening equipment and the other part for your greenhouse. Blending in these two functions enables you to adequately partition the single structure based on your needs and gardening techniques.

Temperature Control:
Choosing a suitable location to erect your shed/greenhouse is of paramount essence. Greenhouses require adequate warmth and humidity throughout the season irrespective of summer or winter. It is advisable to erect the structure facing directly towards where the sun rises so as to warm it up after the cold winter nights. The type of wood used during construction also plays a crucial role in determining the final outcome of the structure as quality timber enhances durability and longevity through protection from bad weather and insect infestation.

The Structure:
Partitioning the structure is not as easy as placing a barrier between the storage and the greenhouse sections. A number of considerations come into play such as positioning and even the number of the doors placed on the structure. It is advisable to have a single access point from outside which should be erected towards the storage section and not the greenhouse. This is to enable the greenhouse section to retain warmth throughout. Once in the storage, another door facilitating access to the greenhouse is necessary so as to get the partition right and define the boundaries between the two sections. Remember to keep the greenhouse as warm as possible even if it means investing in specially designed trays and shelving if partitioning the two is not in your plans.

Addition of Light Sources:
It is a fact that greenhouses require adequate lighting if optimal yields are to be achieved. In view of this, changes have to be made on the shed to put in place natural sources of light and air such as windows. It is also advisable to place a transparent roof which allows penetration of adequate sunlight essential in the growth of plants. Remember to close in on loopholes and gaps that facilitate cold air especially during winter but only after putting in place proper air circulation mechanisms such as fans and vents for summer.

Transitioning from a storage shed to a greenhouse need not be as daunting as most tend to think. Arming yourself with a detailed construction plan and a workable budget may be all you need to achieve this goal.

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